Creating hypermedia messages

Hypermedia Message consist of text, Rich text,  binary files, bitmaps, voice and sound and full motion video. The messaging system defines standard messaging formats in which some fields called message body fields are assigned for a user to enter the text of the message. Messages can have attachments as well as embedded and linked objects.

The creation of Hypermedia message is done in two ways:
  1. The user makes the video conferencing call and defaults to a stored video message on no answer from the called party
  2. The messaging system automatically creates a default text message and embeds the video clip recorded by the user in that message
When the object is ready it must be integrated by linking and embedding. Very large objects such as full motion video clips are linked rather than embedded. An object subject to constant change may be embedded if a snapshot at the time of capture is appropriate, or may be linked to allow the recipient to view its most recent value. The final step is mailing the hypermedia message.