Share Today

Today Share market went high. It raised 240 points and the banks Shares raised today. Colgate Share and Maruti Suzuki Shares went down today but State Bank share managed to raise again!!


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Sanath Jayasurya and Sangakara joined to make a 100 runs partnership against India by 26th over. Sanath Jayasurya scored 64* and Sangakara is now on 35*. After loosing Dilshan they have managed to reach 100 soon!!


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Today share market is raising by 70 - 80 points and I think there wont be big change today in the Sensex Market today!! Bank Shares are rising today!! So buy the Bank shares now!!


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I just want to share something about the share market today and it raised 320 points today and the top gainers are India bulls, Oracle Financial, Rolta India etc.. and the top losers are Asian bank, Yes bank etc.. Today the bank rates went down!!


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Captain TV

Captain Vijayakanth is going to launch a TV and it is named as Captain TV. Sources are telling that this TV will be launched soon. and it is going to be a entertainment TV for all class people. It includes songs, films, comedy etc.. View this Channel and have fun!!

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Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite cricketer who has scored more than 16,000 runs in ODI cricket. 

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Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj singh proudly called as Yuvi the sixer King has smashed six sixes in an over against England.


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MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni who is an excellent skipper has attained his good name among the Indians within Short period of time.

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Virender sehwag

Virender sehwag is a fast hitter who has scored more than 7000 runs in ODI cricket.

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit sharma is a young cricketer in Indian Cricketer who is maintaining a good batting average for the past two years.

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Sarvam is a film directed by vishnuvardhan. Aarya and Trisha are acting in this film and it has a musical fest by Yuvan Shankar raja


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Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath has taken more than 235 wickets in test matches and more than 315 wickets in ODI matches.


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Anil Kumble

His record is 619 wickets in test matches and more than 335 wickets in ODI cricket.

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Gautam Gambhir

Runs scored by Gautam Gambhir in test cricket is more than 1800 and in ODI his score is more than 2100

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Irfan pathan

Irfan pathan is an alll rounder who has scored more than 1000 runs in both ODI and in test match cricket.

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Ashish Nehra

Ashish nehra took 44 wickets in test cricket and more than 90 wickets in ODI cricket.

Mya cosmetic-surgery

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Films and culture

The cinema is Unrivalled as a mass communication media in country of India's dimensions and diversities. India produces more films every year than any other country except U.S.A whose cinema city HOLLYWOOD is widely known as the world's biggest center of its kind and a trend setter on the silver screen. But the tragedy is that most of the Indian film's whether in Hindi or in various other regional languages, depict scenes of luxurious life in Palatial houses or the five star culture associated with artificial living and the most prosperous section of the society.


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Film's present scenes of violent and crime and other types of abnormal behaviour, besides incredible situations. True of life stories reflecting the normal conditions in the country, are filmed only once in a while. For the most part it is false, misleading glamour all the way, costumes, ultra modern make up and deportment and western ways of living, with pop music, cabaret scenes, sensual dances and romantic episodes are seductively presented.