Nouveau Riche

All of us require education in this land and we can never survive without education which is the most essential for life on earth. That is why we all go to schools and study everyday, in order to come up in life one day and make it big on the big stage. Some people are interested in management studies as it is their favorite subject and they all prefer to become managers and chairmen rather than getting into research. Some people also prefer to get into the real estate business which in some cities has shown its boom to a big level. And the chances of getting profit is also very high in these fields of interest thus inviting more and more people to give it a go. I recently came across one Nouveau Riche which is a world famous and renown one. Nouveau Riche offers you a variety of subjects to learn from and they provide you with ample knowledge and scope. Nouveau Riche enrich your capacity and take you to the higher level in life. So take a look at the university, it may suit your ambitions.

Thirukkural in Classical Music

Thiruvalluvar's words areunfading truth, and it is called "Poiyamozhi" among well learned people. Thiruvalluvar in his 1330 two line quotes about three subject Aram, Porul and Inbam. In any of his subjects, he havent told about any particular religion, country, or king etc. He will speak about the greatness of river but he will not point about cauvery(south indian river), or ganga or any river in the world. He will speak deaper in every aspect, but he will not go partial in particualar to any place or culture, even to Tamil People. His work is regarded as"TamilVeda".
I am happy to hear that Tamil Maiyam which has done previously a project over Thiruvasagam along Musical Maestro now released an album called "Vazhum Valluvam".
Noted singers like Karthick, Bombay Jayshree(carnatic vocalist and playback singer), Aruna Sairam (carnatic vocalist), and Shankar Mahadevan have rendered their voice beautifully for the project.
I met Fr.Jegath Gasper on Pongal day and told him, am very excited about all kinds of your projects. I particularly told about the song sung by Bombay Jayshree "Porulatravatrai". All songs are very beautifull and content you know .....Thiruvalluvar greatness which is surviving after so many centuries. Really Tamilzhan is very great. Our culture was great, note "was great".

In particular about Fr. Gasper, what a personality, he is so simple and so jovial, loving and outspoken and he too not at all speaking about in particular to any religion. He emphasized about "Ondre Kulam Oruvanae Deavan". My love over Tamil Literature have gone now to 200% after my meeting with him on 17th Jan 2008.

Life Rock

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The First thing comes to our mind when we talk about trichy is Malaikottai. Trichy Ranks fourth in its population. More Than 10 lakhs people are living in Trichy. Trichy is a corporation.
Another famous place in Trichy apart from Malaikottai is SriRangam . Some more temples other than Srirangam are Samayapuram, tiruvanaikaval etc... The famous St.Joseph college is present in trichirapalli.The climate will be moderate and it is around 30`. It has good transportation and Railway facilities..
Trichy is in the centre of Tamil nadu.Try to visit this holy place..   :-) 
Have a Nice Day..

Funny Poem

Take me with you
Show me the world
With my closed eyes
I had lost myself
I was not me

I am ready now
The past is behind
I am myself again
Found me waiting
Waiting to live

Take me wherever
Show me the world
I am ready to live

Take me with you
To the stars above
Take me with you
To the heavens of music

Take me with you
Where people dwell
Where people live
And teach me to live

Take me with you
Where there is colour
The colour of life
The colour of youth

Show me the world
Take me with you

Open Cisco Certification

Now a days, The IT industry is evolving in some of the country by improving the human needs by means of software.And producing a no of useable goods and exporting them to some other countries.People are more likely to chose their career in the IT field.Because our world turning towards the IT field.Some of the people in many countries,do not know about the IT field so we have to help them to improve their knowledge by means of some useful training through the emails or in other possible ways.
The IT industry is providing a lot of opportunities for people to improve their circumstance.they provide training to the people,conducting course to the staff and offer some important course materials.And also they provide post to the staff by taking into regard their qualification.For the higher post,the company itself provide training to that post for the staff.
Cisco certification holds a large value in today’s IT industry.It is the upcoming post in our IT trend.All the IT companies are provide training about the cisco to the staff.And the training is used for global knowledge for CCNA training.The Cisco learning Network is offering this and a lot more certifications.Some of its certification programs include paths in routing and switching,design,service provider,security and lots more.Specialist certifications are also available for fine-tuning your skills in particular areas such as wireless LANs, security and more.The more advanced your certification,the better the job opportunities that will be open to you..