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The only censors

There are governments of men who are sincere, honest and true, just as There are governments run by self-seekers, demagogues, power-obsessed tyrants. There are monarchies, oligarchies, dictatorships and democracies.  Who serves as a check on all types of government, good, bad or indifferent?  Who acts as the final arbiter and the ultimate determinant of their worth and performance? The plain answer is the people. The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government.  The legal sovereign, that is, the authority constituted or set up by law, may have a will of its own and may enforce it for some time, but it is the political sovereign (who lies behind, and limits, the legal authority) that ultimately prevails.


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popular sovereignty

During the 16th and 17th centuries the doctrine of “popular sovereignty”  Emerged as an expression of resentment of the people against the despotic authority of kings and their reliance on the theory of Divine Rights.  The concept of popular sovereignty attributes ultimate sovereignty to the people. Rousseau was its great exponent, and it became a slogan of the French Revolution. The American Declaration of Independence and the U.S. constitution incorporated this principle in the preamble by affirming that Government derives its authority from the consent of the governed. Popular sovereignty has since then become the basis and watchword of democracy.

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There are many among us who believe that flattery is the shortest route to success in today’s India. The great talkers, the wily, garrulous politicians who sway audiences through their loud talk, all manage to mislead the people and promote their selfish ends.  A flatterer is in the excellent company of imitators because imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery. The easiest weapon adopted by flatterers and sycophants is smooth talk, not work. A ready and glib tongue has at times proved to be a more precious weapon than gifts of cash and kind. Through a facile tongue the flatterers continually create illusions and a world of make-believe. Almost all great talkers are great flatterers; praise inevitably becomes their talk mostly comprises advice to all and sundry on everything on earth. Like air and water, advice too can be had free. Self-appointed advisers are great talkers; they talk their way into your hearts and they even drive away rationality, good sense and the quality of discriminating between chalk and cheese.  Asking for advice is to tout for flatterers. And flattery feeds the ego and is exhilarating. Most talkers become bores. But let it be said in defense of the growing tribe of talkers that they do manage at times to relieve boredom.  A quiet gathering at which all those present are serious-minded people deeply engrossed in thought and philosophy would appear to maintain

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The silence of the graveyard. The talkers relate funny incidents, describe lively experiences and entertain their credulous listeners, quieten and comfort the people, for hours together. There is no tax on talk and gossip. So the idle, endless talker flourishes at the cost of the silent, constructive worker. It is the latter who can help ensure national progress, not the ceaseless twisters of the tongue, even though the latter manage to find credulous audiences.  True, sincere and genuine workers cannot stand non-sensual postures, including nonsense talk. But work does not lie in marching up and down the streets, shouting slogans and lodging protests. Many of us tend to resort to strikes and work stoppages. Undeniably, our future amongst nations, and the good name of our country, depends entirely upon our work and work alone. Much valuable work can be Done silently and without becoming noisy or indulging in aimless talk. If everyone realises the truth of this dictum, the salvation of the country would not be far off.

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Absence of restraint

Liberty denotes absence of restraint; in fact the word liberty is derived From the Latin word “liber” which means free. It implies freedom to do what One likes, regardless of the conditions, the environments and the postures of
Leaders who rule the land with or without the people’s consent. In many regions, especially those under authoritarian rule, individual liberty in the real sense is Still an ideal to be achieved. It is only in genuine democracies that there can be true liberty for the individual. Liberty or freedom means doing or acting with
Out any restrictions; where there is restraint or restriction,  liberty is limited to that extent.

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License to do

Liberty does not and in effect cannot, mean license to do or act as one pleases, regardless of the consequences for others. Liberty is a highly cherished and much valued privilege; it implies that we can go where we like, do what we like, and work as and where we like.  But absolute liberty, like absolute rights, is absolute nonsense, because everyone lives in society and living in society means we have all to observe certain rules and regulations. That is where discipline comes in. Discipline involves a restraint on liberty but it is a necessary and vital restraint in the interest of society. Ever since the origin of man and society, discipline of some kind has been found necessary for both individual and social welfare. Discipline and restraint were  deemed essential in prehistoric times also, and as society has become  more and more complex, the urgency and importance of discipline has  been felt all the more.

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Endless time

Those who have endless time on their hands are great babblers. Thinking and reflection postulate a certain degree of education and intellectual development. About 64 per cent of the people in India are illiterate; so they have not developed the qualities of thinking and reflection.  Montesquieu truly said that the less men think, the more they talk.  India is a land of myriad tongues. The 1961 census listed 1652 languages as mother tongues spoken in India, and the 1971 census, retaining the number, presented a somewhat more realistic picture. Judged by any standard, India is Babel of tongues, perhaps the largest in the world. This Babel has been the outcome of a cumulative process resulting From the influx of various races into the country through the centuries.

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Gross National Product

Talkers are never good doers; this explains the proverbial sloth, idleness and complacency of the average Indian. Our material output, our productivity and production, our net contribution to the country’s Gross National Product (GNP) are all far too low. While people should learn to use their hands and to be active all the time (like the Japanese who have raised their country to the pinnacle of glory despite the havoc done to their economy during World War II), we have mastered the technique of whiling away time talking and talking, doing little positive, constructive and concrete work.


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precious hours

 Jawaharlal Nehru, in a speech way back in 1952, said he was tired of people who merely talk about various things. However wise you may be (in India the number of truly wise, sagacious men and women is limited), he said, you can never enter into the spirit of a thing if you only talk about it and do nothing. We do not know the value of time; so we do not mind spending precious hours in idle gossip.  In part the disinclination to be up and doing all the time is the result of our fatalistic beliefs and attitudes. Most of us tend to believe that what God has ordained cannot be averted.

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Undeniably, there are millions of people in India who think little, act even less but talk too much. Indulgence in idle gossip, disgruntled attitudes, bitter criticism of all and sundry, frustration over their sorry plight, fate and “kismat”, have in fact become national pastimes.  The number of those who can claim that they keep their tongue within their lips and never talk in vain is limited. The talk of the common people, mostly irresponsible, creates the impression that they have little to do. Indians are indeed typical of the people of the Orient who have nothing worthwhile to say, and yet contrive to spend the longest time in saying it.


Between 1932-1933 Famine affected  some  of the main gain producing areas like
  • Northern Caucasus
  • Volga Region
  • South Urals
  • West Siberia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine etc
The name given by the UKRAINE for this famine is holodomor. HOL means HUNGER!!. The phrase MOR means PLAGUE.!!

The communist Government Seized and exported the grains to western countries.The main reason for the holodomor is political Debate.But in the History it was mentioned that it was due to some economic changes. Many western Journalists were also telling that the famine is due to some natural reason's. But it is not the truth.This is done to maintain the rapid economic transformation. The debate continued till 1990 whether the famine is due to natural reasons or political reasons. But Now many scholars and Ukraine politicians clearly mentioned that the famine is not due to the economic changes.
In 2003 United states recognized that the holodomor is due to some cruel and inhuman actions done by some politicians and and it also recognized in 2008 by the European parliament.

The estimate amount of death's during this period due to famine is 
  • Central Russia - 2 million
  • Kazakhstan - 1.7 million
  • Ukraine - 1.3 million
  • North Caucasus - 1 million
Monuments have been built for the people those who died during this famine in the UKRAINE and in many other countries all over the world.
In 2006 holodomor remembrance day took place on November 25th with a minute of silence and in 2007 the holodomor remembrance took place for three days between Nov 23-25th.

2nd test

Tomorrow 2nd test match between INDIA and ENGLAND is going to take place in MOHALI by 9am. This pitch is the home ground for Yuvraj Singh. Since He is in good form he is expected to score century in any one of the innings after continuous back to back victories in ODI's and in the 1st test match India is looking for the win in this test match also.!!

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1st Test

The 1st test between India and England ended today and India has recorded a thumping victory!!
India won by 6 wickets. The master batsman Sachin Tendulkar scored 103*. The match's turning point was Sehwag's fast 83 of just 68 balls. Opening is an important thing in all games. Virender sehwag Did it in an amazing way and helped team India to mark a team to chase 4th highest score.
After Mumbai terror attacks Sachin's ton gave a bit relief for the Mumbai people..!!

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1st test Starts today

All our dreams come true today. Ya today i the 1st test match between India and England. Both teams are getting ready for the match that will start by 9am (11-12-2008).  The match is going to be held in Chepauk (Chennai). 
The change in Indian team is Yuvraj replacing Ganguly. Indian Captain Dhoni in yesterdays Interview told that Yuvraj will play in his own way. There is no need for Yuvraj to be The next Ganguly. 


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Democracy a game or trade trick??

Democracy is neither a game of only numbers nor is it a trade of tricks. In the context of Indian situation, democracy is the only form of government that suits the tone and temper of its people. The policy of `give and take’ can work wonders in this context provided both the intent and intentions of the conflicting parties or groups are clear and candid. There is no place for fanatics and diehards in our multi-racial and multi-religious milieu. Only those who are mentally, emotionally and politically convinced of the relevance and resilience of democracy to Indian problems and prospects, can ensure the survival of democracy in India. Prejudices and puerile perceptions have no place in our democracy. The temptation to communalise politics or to garner votes in the name of cast or community, is the negation of principled politics. The earlier we cleanse the Augean stables of communal politics, the better for the health of Indian democracy.


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secular in thought

How far are we, the people, secular in thought, word and deed? When we look around us and examine the working of various non-government institutions, the various political parties, especially national parties, which are supposed to be have thrown their membership open to all communities, we find that the spirit of secularism is being flouted day after day. We are not completely secular in our approach and attitudes. There are cases where admissions to educational institutions are decided on a basis that is anything but secular. If we review closely the working of our political parties, we shall find that candidates for elections are often chosen on communal considerations—Hindu candidates for constituencies having a predominantly Hindu electorate, Muslim candidates for areas where the majority of the voters are Muslims, and so on. There are exceptions here and there but, by and large, the observation made above is well founded. The voting in elections is often on communal lines; Hindus voting for Hindu candidates, Muslims for Muslim candidates and Sikhs for Sikh contestants. Political parties are not formed on a religious basis, but how is it that there are some distinctly communal parties in this secular country?

Again, how is it that in the selection of Ministers of various ranks, adequate representation is generally assured to members of various communities and even castes? There are “vote banks” in the rural areas where the caste factor plays a dominant role in determining the decisions of the village Sarpanches and leaders of the various clans, (and even sub-castes) in directing their followers to exercise their franchise for a particular candidate. Jats and non-Jats, Brahmins and non-Brahmins, Scheduled Castes and non-Scheduled Castes—these considerations, undeniably sectarian and narrow, determine their actions.


English is used by nearly one-fifth of humanity. Language implies a manner of expression, a medium of conveying ideas, thoughts and concepts from one person to another or to a large section of society. Language is, thus, the dress of thought. The great author Webster was, however, on a weak wicket when he said that language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God.

The very fact that there are people who do not know any language because they were not exposed to human sounds shows that language is very much an ability inculcated and developed by human beings to serve as a means of purposeful communication.

A living language, to quote Nehru, is a throbbing, vital thing, everchang ing, ever-growing and mirroring the people who speak and write it. A language is infinitely greater than grammar and philology. It is the poetic testament of the genius of a race and culture, and the living embodiment of the thoughts and fancies that have moulded them. The best way to encourage the growth of a people is through the language they speak, and a language ultimately grows from the people; it can hardly be imposed by any external agency. Unfortunately, language, which is supposed to promote unity and cohesion, has often become a highly controversial issue. Many people, working under a wrong concept or impelled by exaggerated notions, have become linguistic fanatics. They have fought bitter battles in the name of language; they have killed people in linguistic riots; and they have made many sacrifices in the name of their languages as if it were a god or goddess who would be appeased by bloodshed and destruction of private and public property. The principle of linguism has been exalted to high dogma, which has been the bane of Indian life in first 50 years of independence.. Linguistic chauvinism seems to be the governing factor.

Thus, language, which was evolved to serve a vital need and provide a vital link between man and man, has often brought about destruction and wrought havoc. In Andhra Pradesh a noble man starved himself to death for the cause of a linguistic State. Similarly, in Punjab an earnest, well-intentioned person, fasted unto death for the sake of Punjabi Suba. The Government of India was virtually compelled to appoint a States  reorganisation Commission to suggest demarcation of boundaries of States and to make proposals for creation of new entities, if necessary, on the basis of language. In several regions language has created discord and divisive trends instead of serving as an eminently useful link to establish links and promote harmony. Language, and sometimes the script issue, thus feeds fissiparous tendencies, even threatening to disrupt society and the State. Exponents of a particular language, apparently, develop an obsession, which indicates bias and prejudice. In many parts of India, and also in some foreign countries, sustained campaigns have been conducted for official recognition of a particular lan-
guage as the State language. Linguistic controversies, for instance, raged for quite some time in Bangladesh for priority status to Urdu as against Bengali, and in Pakistan for Urdu as against Punjabi. In India language controversies were carried on for years in U.P., West Bengal, Punjab and other areas. Before partition the Congress itself advocated
the formation of linguistic States. The J.V.P. Report may be said to have started the process, which turned out to be vicious at certain places. Article 343 (1) of the Constitution of India lays down that Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the official language of the Union. But there is a provision that English shall continue to be used during the transitional stage. Because of the strong opposition of the Southern States to Hindi, the use of English is continuing and is likely to continue for many years. There are Hindi-speaking regions in the North (U.P, M.P., Haryana and Himachal Pradesh) which, backed by the Centre, want the cause of Hindi to be propagated and this language made the national language without further delay. But the Central Government has assured the people that there will be no imposition of a particular language and no switch-over without the consent of the Southern States. Interestingly, English-medium schools are still popular in the country, and students seeking bright careers opt for English as the medium of instruction for the post-graduate courses. Consequently, the political leaders’ initial fervour for switching over to Hindi has cooled off, for the present. Other controversies and developments have engaged the prior attention of the politicians and political parties.

Thus, there is less of linguistic fanaticism in the country now than a decade or so ago. This is all to the good. After all, language should be used for every-day communication, official work and literary pursuits, and it must not be exploited for ulterior or extraneous ends. 

Rest Periods

Rest means abstinence of exertion or activity. There are optimum periods of work and rest for every task and for every individual. “The art of resting”, says Andre Maurois, “is a part of the art of working.” An individual who is tired and greatly in need of rest cannot do any good work. The human organism cannot survive without alternating work and rest. Work produces fatigue; rest or recreation removes fatigue. Goethe said, “Repose is work’s greatest achievement.” In the course of study, rest periods or breaks are essential and invaluable. Boredom, distractability, and dissatisfaction with work tend to set in after about two hours without a break. The following guidelines on rest periods given by an eminent psychologist are commended: During a session of continuous work on the same task, rest periods should be short in relation to the work period—of the order of 5 minutes or so. If longer breaks are taken momentum will be lost and considerable effort needed before you become warmed up to the task again. A rest should be taken whenever you feel that you are slowing down and making errors. A change in activity or posture during the rest are desirable, such as walking around the room, stretching your arms, etc. Rest intervals between different tasks may well be longer about 10 or 15 minutes. Then a short, brisk walk outside or some light refreshment, often serves to restore energies to their former level. In general, it is sensible to take 15-minute breaks between tasks and smaller breaks in the course of a task.

Tolerance and Survival

India, as we all know, is a mosaic in which different pieces retain their identity while contributing to a colourful collage. Our tradition teaches tolerance, our philosophy preaches tolerance, and our Constitution practises tolerance. Unity in diversity is our heritage and respect for all faiths and religions has been our innate strength and a source of survival against all odds and obduracies. When so much positive and potential exists in our civilisation, as also in our psyche, why do some of the conscience keepers of the polity remind us so often that without communal harmony and a general atmosphere of tolerance, democracy cannot survive for long in India? The fears of some who feel and think for India, are not fake but factual and are based on the happenings may tragic traumas that have resulted from communal conflicts and an intolerant atmosphere of hostility and hatred created by the enemies, both within and outside the country. The concern that Indian democracy may falter and succumb before the evil designs of caste and communal politics, demands that introspection and corrective action at different levels are the crying need of the hour.

There is no denying the fact that democracy in a country like India, should aim to accommodate reasonable mores and modes of living of all communities, ethnic, religious and cultural groups so that no one feels ignored or pushed out of the mainstream. Democracy and division of power from top to bottom are like twins that survive in an atmosphere of debate and discussion. If in a fit of euphoria or inflated egos (personalised politics), the ruling elite tries to inflict discretion in place of deliberations, confrontation instead of compromise, the citadel of democracy is likely to tumble down. Under no circumstances, the rulers and the ruled in India can afford to fan the fires of communal distrust and intolerance towards any group or community. The philosophy of `political
untouchability’ is as devious and dangerous as the cult of communal violence and virulence. The policy of `ostracization or political isolation of any group or party is fraught with deadly dimensions.
Difference of opinion and diversity in view-points on socio-economiccum political issues are a natural nuance of democracy. Unless political parties put across their views vociferously, democracy cannot hope to become vibrant and viable. So long political parties remain committed to the rule of law and refrain from fuelling flames of communal frenzy for electoral gains, the future of democracy in India is squarely safe and secure. Even in the face of grave provocation, if political parties and their rank and file adhere to the path of tolerance, democracy would not suffer any subversion or sabotage. It is only
when people begin to settle scores in the streets and communal passions have a better of people’s patience and tolerance, democracy feels the pangs of mindless onslaughts on its fragile personality. After every communal or casteist clash, the clock of peace and progress moves in the reverse direction. In fact, it is not only democracy but also  economic progress and social stability that are entirely dependent on the maintenance of communal harmony and practice of tolerance by one and all.

Democracy is neither a game of only numbers nor is it a trade of tricks. In the context of Indian situation, democracy is the only form of government that suits the tone and temper of its people. The policy of `give and take’ can work wonders in this context provided both the intent and intentions of the conflicting parties or groups are clear and candid. There is no place for fanatics and diehards in our multi-racial and multi-religious milieu. Only those who are mentally, emotionally and politically convinced of the relevance and resilience of democracy to Indian problems and prospects, can ensure the survival of democracy in India. Prejudices and puerile perceptions have no place in our democracy. The temptation to communalise politics or to garner votes in the name of cast or community, is the negation of principled politics. The earlier we cleanse the Augean stables of communal politics, the better for the health of Indian democracy.

Democracy, like a delicate plant, fails to strike deep roots in the heart and minds of people if an atmosphere of distrust and intolerance makes inroads in the day-today relations between communities. Digging out the past distortions, real or imaginary, can play havoc with the sensitivities and sensibilities of people sharing the same heritage and history. Unlike the West, where democracy faces no such problems of communal tensions and intolerant public perceptions, in India we have to live with these dilemmas all the time. In short, if democracy is to survive in India, we as Indians, will have to get over our phobias and prejudices against each other. Irrespective of our religion or ethnic
affiliation, we must learn to live, think and behave as members of a joint family called Indian.

Advantages of a time-table

The advantages of a time-table are many:

(i) The first advantage is the saving in time and effort. Without it you are likely to spend much time in decision—in making up your mind when and what to study. A lot of energy is uselessly consumed in trying to choose between alternatives and in screwing up your
resolution to work. As William James has it, “There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.”

(ii) The second advantage is the proper use of time. It is ‘fatally easy’ to fritter time away. If you do not impose set hours on yourself, you are more likely to spend the time when you should be studying, in watching T.V., reading a magazine, conversing idly over
cups of tea or in doing any of those hundred and one things which weak and irresolute persons are ready to do rather than buckle to work. If you have a time-table and mean to stick to it, “it has all the force of a law which must be obeyed, and in time adherence to it
becomes effortless, and you begin to regard it as a natural part of your life.”

(iii) The third advantage lies in the saving that comes from intelligent dovetailing of your various activities; in ensuring that you do each work at the best possible time; and eventually in the self confidence and sense of competence which comes from regular daily work. As Anthony Trollope puts it, “A small daily task, if it be done really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.” 

(iv) The fourth advantage is that a time-table is an antidote against procrastination. Procrastination—deferring things from day to day—wastes a lot of time and usually ends in nothing being done at all. Edward Young who coined the famous proverb ‘Procrastina-
tion is the thief of time’, also exhorts, “Be wise today; ’tis madness to defer.”

(v) A time-table makes for efficiency. “A sense of the value of time”, says Arnold  ennett, “that is, of the best way to divide one’s time into one’s various activities—is an essential preliminary to efficient work; it is the only method of avoiding hurry.”

(vi) Finally, a carefully worked out time-table will help you to keep up to date, to form good study habits and to persevere

Low-Level Protocol

Information network protocols send between computers includes hardware addresses of local network interfaces, the IP addresses of remote network interfaces, IP routing information, and sequence numbers assigned to bytes on a TCP connection. Knowledge of any of this information can be misused by someone interested in attacking the security of machines on the network. See the second part of this chapter for more information on how these data can pose risks for the security of a network. A sniffer can obtain any of these data. After an attacker has this kind of information, he or she is in a position to turn a passive attack into an active attack with even greater potential for damage.

Creating hypermedia messages

Hypermedia Message consist of text, Rich text,  binary files, bitmaps, voice and sound and full motion video. The messaging system defines standard messaging formats in which some fields called message body fields are assigned for a user to enter the text of the message. Messages can have attachments as well as embedded and linked objects.

The creation of Hypermedia message is done in two ways:
  1. The user makes the video conferencing call and defaults to a stored video message on no answer from the called party
  2. The messaging system automatically creates a default text message and embeds the video clip recorded by the user in that message
When the object is ready it must be integrated by linking and embedding. Very large objects such as full motion video clips are linked rather than embedded. An object subject to constant change may be embedded if a snapshot at the time of capture is appropriate, or may be linked to allow the recipient to view its most recent value. The final step is mailing the hypermedia message.


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