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Stupros is the worst project center to do projects and i prefer my juniors not to choose this project center. Please don't enter into such project centers and please don't waste your money!!


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Google Page rank

Yesterday the google page rank was updated and I get three page rank in two of my blog's and I lost three page rank in one blog!! It is happy from one side and little bit sad on the other side.!!


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Hi friends!! I really loved to play moneybhai with my virtual money. Today Since the spice phones market raised by 50% my total value raised by 20,000 since I have more than 3000 Spice shares.!! :-)


Electric cars are increasing day by day and especially the BYD Electric Cars are very famous nowadays. Just take a look at the newly launched  BYD E6 Electric Car. If you charge this car once it can un for a distance of 400kms. From 2010 this model will be available in european market. The top speed of this car is 160Kmph and it has a very good acceleration of 0 - 100 in 10 seconds. BYD (Build your dreams) is one of the the biggest battery making company  in the world. First they started seling cellphone batteries and then they started selling cars by entering into the automobile field. They are providing Eco-friendly cars which is providing a hygeine life for the human beings and they are saving the human generation by suuplying this types of cars. So buy this Eco-friendly cars and save the humanity and save life. 


Today the share value went down and it went up to -240 points. Really ti is a bad day for the stock holders and the Indian Stock market will boom soon!! Today Spice went up by 50% and it is the only highly boomed stock for the past 6 months!!


There are many insurances in which from which health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance are well known to many people. Auto insurance is also called as car or vehicle insurance. If you are buying a car or a vehicle you need a auto insurance to protect your car against losses due to accident or due to liability. In many countries the auto insurance is compulsory for any vehicle. But it is essential to take auto insurance to protect your car(or vehicle) from losses. 

Bank shares

Yesterday the bank shares went high especially state bank and HDFC bank shares went above 20rupees. This will be a great news for the stock holders yesterday.


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Today the first twenty twenty match between India and Sri Lanka is going to take place at 2:30IST and there is a high expectation for this match since india won the series 4-1.


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Abhiyum naanum

Just now I watched the film "Abhiyum naanum" which is just like an ART. The fantastic family story which I saw in my life history. Don't miss this wonderful film which just Shows a fantastic relationship between a father and a daughter. 

Blood pressure monitor

Hi friends I want to share a few moments with you. Today morning I met a doctor. He is my Father's friend and we were discussing about Cold, fever ,.. and the topic slightly changed to Cancer, Blood pressure,... He told me many things about the Blood pressure and its serious effects. So I just want you people to spread this awareness between your friends and families.I think you would have come across the word "HBP". HBP is nothing but High Blood Pressure. HBP mainly affects the heart and it leads to some dangerous diseases like heart attack, strokes etc... You may have one doubt of how to find whether we have blood pressure or not!! and how to control it!! blood pressure can be monitored by a device called blood pressure monitor. Be aware of this thing because In a recent survey it is found that about one in three adults in the world have blood pressure and it is damaging heart, blood vessels, kidneys etc... So please be aware of this and monitor your blood pressure by using blood pressure monitor. Spread this message to the world and be safe. After hearing this I bought a blood pressure monitor for my Grand father and presented him as a gift for his 72nd birthday. It may be cheap but it is worth!!

Be aware of this proverb --> "Prevention is better than cure"

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Social Spark

Can anyone tell me some ideas about Social Spark. I do know when they are adding opportunities in Social Spark. Whenever I am logging in I can only find the posts which are completely filled. If anybody know the timings please add your comment here!!!


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$1.55 Million

Unbeleivable!! Flintoff and Pieterson wee bought for $1.55 Million by Chennai super kings and Bangalore royal challengers yesterday!! J P Duminy was bidded for $0.935 million by the Mumbai Indians


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Indian premier league Bidding starts today and more than millions and millions of money is going to tun over in the India today!! Today is the day for the Pieterson and flintoff to be bidded and they are expected to be bidded more than $1.2 million.


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Nineth victory

Indian team won the fourth one day international match against SRI and leads series 4-0. Gautam gambhir got the man of the match award for his excellent 150 from 147 balls. Indian team is looking for tenth victory and Dhoni men are ready for the hunt!!


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Down today

Today share market touched a bit down. Ya it has lowered more than 350 points today. Most of the shares went down and tomorrow it is expected to raise atleast 300 points. So hold on the shares tomorrow


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Hi all...can anybody tell me the difference between an normal opportunity and an featured opportunity in Pay per post. I do know why they have a difference in the opportunities. If you have any Idea just share with me in my coments or send me an Email Becseanand@yahoo.com


Obesity is really a great issue today and it is general for both man and women. The main problem is we are not taking food in a proper manner. The food should be taken at consequent intervals of time. If you take more intake of food at a time and no intake at another time then it will surely leads to Obesity. Because the digestion is very difficult and it is stored as fat. So take food at right time and another important aspect in taking food is we are not chewing the food properly and it will be difficult for the digestion system to digest and it just stores it as a fat. To avoid this Chew the food properly and enjoy eating by taking enough time. Subscribe to www.weseethat.com to get updates about Obesity.


Three songs in padikadhavan are so nice. I love to hear Appa amma vilayatta and hey vettri vela especially!! The music is done by mani sharma and the film is rocking in theatres and it is produced by Sun pictures


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payperposts 0.5$

Wat do you think about payperposts 0.5$ opportunities!!

  • Some have a suggestion that we are getting many offers by introducing this 0.5$ opportunity.
  • But some also have a suggestion that They are too low to earn enough money!!
If you have any other suggestion other than this just add your comments here!


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