Thirukkural in Classical Music

Thiruvalluvar's words areunfading truth, and it is called "Poiyamozhi" among well learned people. Thiruvalluvar in his 1330 two line quotes about three subject Aram, Porul and Inbam. In any of his subjects, he havent told about any particular religion, country, or king etc. He will speak about the greatness of river but he will not point about cauvery(south indian river), or ganga or any river in the world. He will speak deaper in every aspect, but he will not go partial in particualar to any place or culture, even to Tamil People. His work is regarded as"TamilVeda".
I am happy to hear that Tamil Maiyam which has done previously a project over Thiruvasagam along Musical Maestro now released an album called "Vazhum Valluvam".
Noted singers like Karthick, Bombay Jayshree(carnatic vocalist and playback singer), Aruna Sairam (carnatic vocalist), and Shankar Mahadevan have rendered their voice beautifully for the project.
I met Fr.Jegath Gasper on Pongal day and told him, am very excited about all kinds of your projects. I particularly told about the song sung by Bombay Jayshree "Porulatravatrai". All songs are very beautifull and content you know .....Thiruvalluvar greatness which is surviving after so many centuries. Really Tamilzhan is very great. Our culture was great, note "was great".

In particular about Fr. Gasper, what a personality, he is so simple and so jovial, loving and outspoken and he too not at all speaking about in particular to any religion. He emphasized about "Ondre Kulam Oruvanae Deavan". My love over Tamil Literature have gone now to 200% after my meeting with him on 17th Jan 2008.