Houston Rodeo Concerts

I really like Rodeo Shows. My Aunt lives in Texas and she likes to go to them. I told her i would really love to go one day.

She was telling me about a Rodeo that goes on in Houston at their Reliant Stadium every March, and gets around 1 million spectators a year!

The show is sanctioned by the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) and also the women’s professional rodeo association.

Its good to see that women are involved too, and its not just a ‘mans sport’ you might say.

Not anyone can just take part either, as it is a professional sport. So the people that do all have to be members of the Pro-Rodeo or the WPRA.

The stadium has some great seats there like the coveted Action seats, which are along both sides of the ring, and include complimentary food and beverages. Wow! I so need to get hold of some of those.

The great thing about the event is, when the Rodeo has finished the show hasn’t really ended, as there is a concert that’s held after, featuring big names from the country, rock, hip hop and latin music industry.

You can actually make a good day out of it then. So if that’s your thing you can go along and enjoy the fun.