Democracy a game or trade trick??

Democracy is neither a game of only numbers nor is it a trade of tricks. In the context of Indian situation, democracy is the only form of government that suits the tone and temper of its people. The policy of `give and take’ can work wonders in this context provided both the intent and intentions of the conflicting parties or groups are clear and candid. There is no place for fanatics and diehards in our multi-racial and multi-religious milieu. Only those who are mentally, emotionally and politically convinced of the relevance and resilience of democracy to Indian problems and prospects, can ensure the survival of democracy in India. Prejudices and puerile perceptions have no place in our democracy. The temptation to communalise politics or to garner votes in the name of cast or community, is the negation of principled politics. The earlier we cleanse the Augean stables of communal politics, the better for the health of Indian democracy.