The silence of the graveyard. The talkers relate funny incidents, describe lively experiences and entertain their credulous listeners, quieten and comfort the people, for hours together. There is no tax on talk and gossip. So the idle, endless talker flourishes at the cost of the silent, constructive worker. It is the latter who can help ensure national progress, not the ceaseless twisters of the tongue, even though the latter manage to find credulous audiences.  True, sincere and genuine workers cannot stand non-sensual postures, including nonsense talk. But work does not lie in marching up and down the streets, shouting slogans and lodging protests. Many of us tend to resort to strikes and work stoppages. Undeniably, our future amongst nations, and the good name of our country, depends entirely upon our work and work alone. Much valuable work can be Done silently and without becoming noisy or indulging in aimless talk. If everyone realises the truth of this dictum, the salvation of the country would not be far off.